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About Us

The Curators is a collective of Art and NFT's enthusiasts that celebrates and protects creativity, bridging the gap between the virtual and the real.

This ain't just about pretty pictures. it's about connections and being part of an exclusive family of connoisseurs.


We’re Globetrotters of Taste. From New York to Hong Kong, Paris to Rio, Art is our lingua franca, and our family spans every corner of the globe.


We’re here to shape the narrative, redefine the game, and show the world that NFTs and Art ain't just a trend – It’s a way of life. 





Art Gallery

Our mission is twofold 


 Introduce and empower real-world artists to explore the boundless opportunities of the NFT space through NFT collections, 1/1s , phygitals...


Stimulate the NFT space by acquiring real pieces of

 art link to their NFT, and champions Web 3.0 and NFTs through immersive real-life exhibitions, auctions, partnerships and events.

Our goal is to make Web 3.0 accessible and captivating for newcomers. We believe art has the power to achieve this, as it transcends cultural barriers and unites people in shared creativity.


By inviting traditional artists to join the NFT revolution, we are democratizing the digital landscape and fostering an inclusive community where innovation knows no limits.


By joining the Curators you're being part of a dedicated group of people participating in the exchange of ideas through the Art and Technology

Holding your Member card grants you benefits such as...



Revenue Share

Holders of the NFT Member Card shall receive 20% of the revenues generated by our upcoming NFT collections Mints + 20% of the royalties, by our 1/1s auctions, Phygitals and upcoming sells through our irl expos/events.



FREE MINTS, ​OG Spots, Whitelists

Rewards (Customs, NFTs, Prints...)

Exclusive benefits from our partners  



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